Visit the Treasurer’s Financial Education Center

Sep 27 2016

Attention teachers!! Want to add something new to your rotating list of school field trip choices? Consider a financial education lesson at the State Treasurer’s Office.


Earlier this year, the Treasurer’s Financial Education Center at the State Capitol opened its doors to the public.


“I think our young students will be both informed and entertained by our new center,” the Treasurer said. “I always say nothing opens the doors of opportunity like education. The same goes for financial education. Our kids need to know the basics there too.”


This hands on education experience teaches basic financial lessons through fun activities. The lessons are geared toward elementary age children, but older children can still take something away from this money adventure.


The Financial Education Center features the following activities:


Picture yourself on a $100 bill: Have you ever imagined your picture printed on a $100 bill? Now you can! Simply step in front of the camera, say “cheese”, and take home your very own personalized $100 bill. (The note you receive is not legal currency.)


Hold $1 Million: This box contains $1 million in real money! The money was sent to the West Virginia State Treasurer’s office by the Federal Reserve. This is real money that has been taken out of circulation and shredded—or destroyed—by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing so they can replace it with new bills.


West Virginia Treasurer’s Vault: This interactive display features facts about the Treasurer’s Office and even has a personal message from Treasurer Perdue.


Spend! Save! Share!: Part of the Treasurer’s Vault, the Spend! Save! Share! activity lets kids take common items like food, toys, even a house, and decide if it is something they would spend money on now, save money to buy later, or share with someone else. Kids even get a take home sticker activity so they can create their own Spend! Save! Share! banks.




Help Your Dreams Take Flight: Pick a prop representing your future career aspirations and attach them to a cut-out photo board. Students can then have a teacher or classmate take their picture “dressed” for their dream career. Have your parents post the picture with the #WhenIGrowUp tag and the Treasurer’s Office will share it on social media.


Want to learn more about the Treasurer's Office?


Visitors to the Financial Education Center are also welcome to view the original Treasurer's Office vault, built in the 1930's. The vault was installed four years after construction on the State Capitol was completed. Since the vault was constructed during a time of increasing crime and specifically robberies, extra security measures were taken. Over the years, many of those securities measures were eliminated but the vault remains an impressive piece of Treasurer's Office history that can be seen by anyone entering the main office.


Ready to bring your class? Request your tour today!

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