Reporting Co-Tenancy/Reserved Interests Property

Holders are required by state law to report unknown and unlocatable interest owners’ reserved interests to the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office on a calendar quarterly basis. As a holder of unknown and unlocatable interest owners’ reserved interests, it is the Holder’s responsibility to report in accordance with the Unknown and Unlocatable Interest Owners Act.

What is unclaimed Co-tenancy/Reserved Interests property?

Reserved interests means all amounts payable for the use, development, extraction, production or sale of minerals due for an unknown or unlocatable interest owners. The term includes amounts payable: (i) For the acquisition and retention of a mineral lease, including bonuses, royalties, compensatory royalties, shut-in royalties, minimum royalties and delay rentals; (ii) For the extraction, production or sale of minerals, including net revenue interests, royalties, overriding royalties, extraction payments and production payments; and (iii) Under an agreement or option, including a joint operating agreement, unit agreement, pooling agreement and farm-out agreement.

Who must report and remit?

The Unknown and Unlocatable Interest Owners Act requires all persons or entities obligated to hold for the account of, or deliver or pay to, the owner, to file an unclaimed property report with the State Treasurer’s Office.

When to file?

Holders shall file their initial report within 120 days from the date upon which the property became reportable. After the initial report is filed, holders shall file a subsequent report each calendar quarter by the first day of the month following that calendar quarter.

Property codes and dormancy periods

Type Code Dormancy Period
Type Code Dormancy Period
Co-tenancy Property MI11 120 Days

How to file?

Electronic reporting is required for all holders.

For monetary unclaimed property remittance, there is one way to create and submit an electronic file:

File online by entering data directly: Co-tenancy Reporting

ACH Payment Option is available through reporting link.


Mail e-holder confirmation with remittance check payable to:
WVSTO- Unclaimed Property Co-tenancy
PO Box 40256
Charleston, WV 25364

Holder Education

West Virginia Uniform Unclaimed Property Act Laws and Regulations

To request a FREE holder education seminar for your business or for more information on unclaimed property reporting requirements, please email or call 1-800-642-8687.

HB 4628 (2018): Co-tenancy bill

Regulations: Reporting and Claiming Unknown and Unlocatable Interest Owners Reserved Interests

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