Most Common Reporting Errors
  1. When uploading a file to the e-holder system, an error could occur if using a third party software due to the West Virginia specific relationship and property type code.
  2. Last date of activity not listed for the property on accounts greater than $50.
  3. Owner relationship not listed on multi-owner account.
  4. Property type code not listed on account.
  5. Interest rate not listed on interest bearing accounts.
  6. Beneficiary or owner not listed on matured or terminated life insurance policy.
  7. Submitting pre-escheated accounts that have not met the appropriate dormancy period.
  8. Report is out of balance.
  9. Incorrect payee on check. You should make check payable to the State of West Virginia-WVSTO.
  10. Reports with no West Virginia owners. These reports are returned to the holder.
The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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