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CHARLESTON – It’s no trick-we could be holding a Halloween treat for you! In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve found a list of Unclaimed Property holders with spooky names. We found people named “Boo” and “Fear” and several other frightening monikers. Of course, another Halloween tradition is candy and sweets, so we’ve added a few of those names to the list as well.

“We’ve done several of these holiday related unclaimed property holder lists before and had great success, not only finding the property owners listed, but in getting the attention of others, prompting them to do an unclaimed property search for their name,” said State Treasurer John Perdue. “We’re holding millions of dollars in unclaimed property, so we’re always looking for unique ways to get people’s attention and have them search and see if some of that money could be theirs.”

Are you, or someone you know, among these spooky unclaimed property holders?

  • Lewis Blood—Huntington
  • Wesley D Blood—Wheeling
  • Heather Boo—Morgantown
  • Dennis Candy—Clarksburg
  • J D Candy—Coal City
  • Perna L Dark—Charleston
  • Catherine H Fear—Fairmont
  • Georgidean Fear—Spencer
  • Michael Fear—Harmon
  • Amanda Grimm—Harpers Ferry
  • Berta Grim—Keyser
  • Brittany A Grim—Inwood
  • Sharon F Skull—Charleston
  • Teidra D Skull—Dunbar
  • Bonnie Sweet—Lewisburg
  • Katherine Treat—Parkersburg
  • Carol Treat—Morgantown
  • Barbara Wolf—Kearneysville

Have no fear, if your name isn’t listed among these Halloween recipients, you could still have Unclaimed Property. You can search our online database for your name at If you hit the candy jackpot and found your name listed, don’t delay, start your online claim today. You can also call the unclaimed property division for assistance at 1-800-642-8687.

Unclaimed property is any asset from which an individual has been unintentionally separated. Examples are contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes; left-behind forgotten utility deposits; stock dividends left uncashed; and matured insurance policies never redeemed.

The Treasury does not collect state taxes. Visit the The West Virginia State Tax Department for assistance.

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