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CHARLESTON – West Virginia University and the West Virginia Municipal Bond Commission were the top two fiscal 2015 users of State Treasurer John Perdue’s e-Government system, which processed $446 million for the year.

E-Government, or e-commerce as it is known in the private sector, is the act of transacting business online. State residents or agencies may use debit or credit cards to pay money owed to the state, without incurring the cost or time of paper payment. E-Government also takes into account automated clearinghouse payments, in which bank accounts are swept electronically to make payments.

“Technology is a hallmark of my administration and always will be,” Treasurer Perdue said. ”And you can see its worth from the growth of this program. In fiscal 2010, we processed $220 million through e-Government and in 2015 that number shot up to $446 million. Those numbers speak for themselves.”

WVU and the bond commission ran neck and neck in dollar amounts for fiscal 2015. The commission, which keeps money on deposit and makes payments on behalf of bond issuers, made $107.9 million in such payments while WVU did $107.4 million through the system. WVU’s transactions overwhelmingly consist of tuition payments made through the school’s website, which pass through the Treasurer’s secure, encrypted portals.

The Consolidated Public Retirement Board was the next-highest dollar amount user but it came in $51 million behind WVU.

WVU also finished at the top of the numbers count heap, with roughly 150,000 student transactions. Those seeking to incorporate a business or pay other similar fees through the Secretary of State’s office made up 13 percent of individual transactions, checking in at $2.8 million in receipts. The Division of Natural Resources saw 104,000 hunters and fishermen buy licenses through e-Government.


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