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SMART5.29K run beats rain, raises $15,000

The rain held off but no one could keep the fun and goodwill away Saturday, May 14, as 53 runners braved a blustery day to complete the second inaugural SMART5.29K run/walk through Charleston’s warehouse district, raising a little more than $15,000 for children placed in adoption.

Linda Meadows sends a peaceful message.

Sixty-eight people registered at $30 each to raise college savings fund money for children adopted through the foster care system. Frameworks, an arm of Mission West Virginia, will select scholarship recipients from a pool of applicants that they agency helped place. Frameworks also received donations and sponsorships.

“You can’t control the weather,” said State Treasurer John Perdue, “but I’m still thrilled that some people chose to join us. I’ve always said ‘Nothing opens the doors of opportunity like education’ and that is particularly true for adopted children. Statistics show they have a hard way to go when college time comes along.”

Treasurer Perdue presents the first place medal to Isaiah Mitchell.
Isaiah Mitchell won the event with a time of 19:55.4, followed by Jennifer King at 20:51.5 and Donny Wehrle at 22.41.0. All were obviously age group winners in their gender category. For a complete result of age group winners and a full tally of finishers go to Dozens of photos from the start and end of the race are also available, including Treasurer Perdue presenting awards.

All money raised from the event will go into SMART529 accounts for selected students. SMART529 is West Virginia’s officially sanctioned college savings plan. Treasurer Perdue serves as director of its governing board.

The race’s name is entitled to draw attention to two things: the SMART529 plan and upcoming May 29, or 5/29, which is National College Savings Day. The race is exactly 5.29 kilometers, or 3.29 miles, and is chartered from just outside Appalachian Power Park on Smith Street, to Piedmont Road, then onto the State Capitol’s California Avenue side. The return route is the same.

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